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The price of embarrassment.....
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9/13/2017  10:26 AM
Oak is suing MSG for embarrassing him on live tv.
Oak was heckling Dolan.
Ok, then he was confronted by security. Oak has a reputation of not handling confrontation well when he crosses the line.
In Vegas he hurt his back and was kicked out of Jordans inner circle for being a fool.
He is a good guy who does some nice things for ex players in trouble. No doubt. But this public persona of seeking attention and love gets him in trouble.Tw

Two years ago he had a confrontation with Oracle arena security....

My take is MSG and its endless money for "lawyering up" reputation I doubt goes anywhere in favor of Oak other than him seeking a settlement or trying to embarrass Dolan.
I don't like Jim Dolan but Oak in my opinion has been largely at fault for creating this drama as if he is trying to get a reality based show. Oak and his cooking and confrontations is kind of getting old. Oak is not charismatic to pull it off. Charles Barkley or Shaq can, but they would only dilute their branding. Oak seems to be trying to do something here.

Im not saying Dolan and MSG are really angels here, because they are not. IM just not sure Oak is not bring most of this on himself and thus can't see how MSG would be liable. Its not like MSG is the only place he has had trouble.

Knicks1248: 1. Dolan should be more involved! 2. Why would any knick fan want pick 8, when that spot has a history of producing marginal NBA taken. (He prefers pick 9th instead)
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9/13/2017  10:32 AM
Oak to me is an embarrassment. He embarrassed himself at the three on three. This tough guy act is f'ing embarrassing. He is help ex players in trouble like Jayson Williams that guy shot a man point blank.
The price of embarrassment.....

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