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Legendary Knick broadcaster Bob Wolf
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7/16/2017  7:17 PM
May he R.I.P. I remember him and Cal Ramsey calling Knick games on WOR channe 9. He had a distinguished career.
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7/16/2017  8:53 PM
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7/16/2017  10:26 PM
Always seemed liked a good egg... a real person....someone who would be likable off camera.
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7/17/2017  12:41 AM
LivingLegend wrote:Always seemed liked a good egg... a real person....someone who would be likable off camera.

Was doing staff security for a football game with my old HS. They had a girl placekicker...one of the first female players in NY State, I'm told.

Giant crowd and a lot of local press showed up. I was at the entrance watching the ticket table. Most press just walked through, and I never stopped them. Wolff showed up, and I he was standing around near a much larger than normal ticket line.

I recognized him immediately and told him he could just go through and find a place in the stands. He either shook me off, or said it wasn't a problem, and then proceeded to go to the end of the ticket line.

Another part of Baby Boomer culture gone.

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Legendary Knick broadcaster Bob Wolf

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