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we need a quality back up center
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8/7/2001  5:11 PM

who's our's?
i don't like
seeing kurt playing
that role you are pulling
him away from his natural
position and out of his game....
i would like
to see a quality back up
on the roster
who is better than chenowith
who's a project might not
even make the team, knight
and spencer who hasn't even resigned yet....
and luc is supposely
retiring so we definitely
need that spot filled.....
there are four
descent back up
FA at the center
position that we may
be able to acquire
at a cheap price
why not make an
attempt on acquiring one
of them who are:

dan santiago from the suns
evan eschmeyer from the nets
dan mcclintock from the nuggets
shawnelle scott from the spurs

these guys are all young and with
time should become better players
i would prefer santiago out of the
four but anyone of them would be
good for the $1.3 million exception
we could get them for, which
wouldn't sound bad to these guys you were making the most $500,000.......
so what ya think about that???????
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8/7/2001  5:39 PM
doesn't matter if we (NYKs) pick up any of those guys, they aren't going to get time ahead of KT at the 5, b/c even though KT is out of position, he's better than any of those backups you recommended. Sorry, even TK (Travis Knight) is better than those guys and he sits at the end of our bench. He's so much of a pine brother that he grew roots. Watchout for him in the autumn, when his leaves fall.
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8/7/2001  5:54 PM
At one point the Knicks almost completed a four-way deal with Charlotte, Philly, and Utah that would have brought in Greg Ostertag. Philly killed the deal, but at this point, i would of really liked to bring in Ostertag. Since then i've heard that new york and utah were still talking about the deal. One possible scenario brought up was Othella Harrington and Travis Knight for Ostertag which i really think would of helped us.

Other guys we might want to look into are Matt Geiger,(whos been rumored to come to new york forever) Olden Polynice, Bison Dele,(who could come out of retirement and is interested in new york) and Evan Eshmeyer(who is a possibility for the $1.3M exception.) These guys could help and could give Marcus Camby 10-15 minutes of rest each night. If we don't make any big trades this offseason, the least we can do is push for a quality back-up center.
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8/7/2001  6:27 PM
Right right right.
Any one of those guys coming here makes up better and more
competitive in a second. We are talking about someone who can relieve
Camby man for what 20 minutes..maybe even 15 a night. Save bodies from exhausting at end of season and help get some rebounds.
Top of those mentioned would be Eschmeyer or Polynice...though
I am not sure re: Ostertag..does that white stiff have talent.
Anyone is better than Knight who never goes under the basket. Think he is afraid to play there. Anyway..hope we do get someone to help out
Camby and loose the following from our roster.. LONGLEY is gone..thank goodness. Loose...Knight, Bogues, Brunson and Spencer...bring on the kids...Maseo Baston, Wright and the point guard that was so good from summer ...keep Chenzo only of he has the same bad back LJ has and stays on injured reserve. Keep LJ on reserve also to teach the youngones.
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8/8/2001  1:46 PM
I just want to say another possibility could be Carlos Rogers. He just got released from the Rockets and did a pretty good job last year. He put up 4.6 pts and 3.6 boards in approx. 14 minutes a game. Could he be aquired for the $1.3M exception?
we need a quality back up center

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