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5/2/2017  3:56 AM

Step 1: Trade Melo for future picks, assets
Knicks: Austin Rivers, Crawford, (future 2021 1st round pick)
Clippers: Receive Melo

Step 2: With our 1st round pick
DRAFT: 7th pick: Fox

Step 3: Trade C. Lee for (Utah’s 30th pick)
DRAFT: 30th pick: Anzjes Pasekniks

Step 4: Trade KO for (Boston’s 36th pick and 51st pick )
DRAFT: 36th pick: Mammado Diallo

Step 5: With (Our 44th and 58th pick)
DRAFT: 44th pick: Wesley Iwundu
DRAFT: 51st pick: Cameron Oliver (via Boston)

Step 6: With (Our 58th pick)
DRAFT: 58th pick: Vince Edwards

1.) C: KP
2.) PF: Willy
3.) SG: Baker
4.) SG: Justin Holliday
5.) C: Noah
6.) SF: Kuz
7.) SF: Lance
8.) PG: Austin Rivers
9.) SG: Jamal Crawford
10.) PG: Fox (Draft)
11.) SG: Mammado Diallo (Draft)
12:) C: Anzjes Pasekniks (Draft)
13.) PF: Cameron Oliver (Draft)
14.) SG: Wesley Iwundu (Draft)
15.) PF: Jacob Wiley (Draft)
16.) SG: Vince Edwards (Draft) - (D League)

Starting Lineup:
Austin Rivers, Justin Holliday, Cameron Oliver, Willy, KP

Fox, Jamal Crawford, Kuz, Jakob Wiley, Aznjes Pasknics

Reserve: Iwundu, Diallo, Noah, Baker, Lance,

For the players mentioned below we should invite these players for a workout and
(whoever we like) we should sign them on min salary contracts and send them to the
DL to develop them.

SF: Bennie Boatright (USC), SG: Tyler Dorsey (Baylor), SF: Justin Jackson (Maryland)

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6/9/2017  6:56 PM
Unfortunately, Fox isn't going 7th.
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6/20/2017  12:36 PM
and if fox goes 7th he wont help the knicks because knicks have 8th pick

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