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The True Status Of The Knicks
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4/23/2017  4:16 AM
martin wrote:
FKF wrote:I haven't been spending much time on this board, so hi everybody here.

The true status is that this franchise depends on Melo since they gave him an NTC.

Melo was on his way to the Lakers in free agency, and if there was one executive who couldn't let Melo join Kobe, that was Phil Jackson.
Not to mention Dolan's MSG company like the Knicks would just not accept their higher profile scorer to sign to AEG's Lakers.

When Melo's reps requested an NTC, Phil shoulda just let Melo walk, but I understand why he accepted.

Fans blame Phil for not getting Durant, LaMarcus or even Monroe (yikes), I can't imagine the reaction had he let Melo walk with nothing in return, three months into the job.

It was a difficult job for Phil to take over regardless, that's why I think fans and medias who spend their day bashing Phil, have zero understanding of the business and credibility.
I am especially disappointed by a guy like Stephen A, whom I remember yelling at Marbury on the air for not being a point guard, who today spreads out the notion that Phil didn't want the job. Stephen A has just become Melo's puppet.

Number one, if it was about the money, Phil would have found money elsewhere than NY.
He's a 13 time champion for X sakes. Since when does nobody in the league seeks that kind of résumé ?

Number two, take your sunglasses off, Melo is the one who has been about the money. He had the Knicks to overpay on a trade to keep his bird rights and make the most possible income in free agency in 2011. Then when he became a FA, he used the most cards he could (Lakers, Bulls, etc) to get NY to pay the most they had to. In return, he got them like $7M back to improve the cap situation, and requested the NTC to maintain his alternative business in NY.

But he's never been about the Knicks. Duncan was exclusively a Spur. Kobe was a Laker. Dirk is a Maverick. Those guys never bothered to meet other teams when they were free agent.
Melo's not a true Knick. He's always used competition to reach where he wanted, and already said in Feb it wouldn't be weird for him to play for Boston.

Fans who understand the process are a minority sadly, as it's so much easier to cheer for the star scorer, and yell and blame the regime for losses.

Welcome and well said. First post 3 years in the making

wow true lol! I think I joined when TKF left RealGM, and posted here.

thanks man

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4/23/2017  6:42 AM    LAST EDITED: 4/23/2017  6:45 AM
We have some things to work with.
It's not a horrible situation.

We have an emerging young star in KP.
We have an asset to trade in Melo.
We have a top 5 rookie in Willy.
We have 25$M in capspace.
We have a likely 7th pick in the draft lottery.

Those are all something to work with and move forward with.

Now we also have some major issues.

Noah is a horrible situation/contract. He is not performing and being paid to be a defensive leader and anchor.

Melo should be traded, but he can dictate where he goes and the terms with his NTC. We will not get great value on Melo, but should get some positive salvage value

I see our future as:

Top 5 and core players (not in order)
7th pick
Melo trade return

Above mentioned should get us 5 starters.

Rotation/Bench - Noah, Thomas, Kuz, Lee, Baker.

Here is what Phil needs to do this summer.

#1 Draft a starting level player at #7. Maybe not right away a starter, but an athletic two-way player that can eventually start.
#2 Trade Melo for atleast one starting level player and either a late first round pick or two second rounders.
#3 Use capspace to sign a starter that can defend and fit in, who is not north of 30.

If Phil can do the 3 things, we will look good moving forward.

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4/23/2017  8:08 AM    LAST EDITED: 4/23/2017  8:57 AM

The true status if the Knicks is 51 losses.

The TRUE status of the Knicks is that of a lottery team.

Can things improve? Of course they can. Minimizing the extraordinary lengths required to improve and then exceed the competition is a game of denial.

once a knick always a knick
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4/23/2017  11:12 AM
misterearl wrote:True

The true status if the Knicks is 51 losses.

The TRUE status of the Knicks is that of a lottery team.

Can things improve? Of course they can. Minimizing the extraordinary lengths required to improve and then exceed the competition is a game of denial.

No one denies the W/L record of this team. The point is that there's more to the story than how many losses they had.

Also there are AMPLE means by which this team can improve and they aren't going to require "extraordinary lengths" to make things better! There will be work required but let's not make it seem like this team is in some kind of black hole.

This team isn't starting from ZERO! Phil has at least been making an effort to start the process of building a new core of young talent. Now there are no guarantees that the Knicks land an impact player but the chances are actually pretty high in this draft.

If the Knicks can add a promising player in the draft that will change the mood of everyone to a very positive mood about the team! After that any new additions may have the same impact.

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4/24/2017  7:04 AM
Nixluve - meanwhile, every franchise ahead of the Knicks will be adding new players, in some cases impact players we never heard of. Every other franchise is working overtime to improve. It is NOT simply about getting better - but how do you get better and PASS the teams in front of you?

THAT is the question.

once a knick always a knick
The True Status Of The Knicks

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