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Here's my draft
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4/21/2017  9:03 AM
BRIGGS wrote:The one guy Id take if he fell would be Jason Tatum. If we had 6 it would be more of a plausible scenario--but how can Minny pass on him.

That would be our best case scenario up top if he fell. Hes a pure 3 who has dribble control---can help bring the ball up and initiate offense with a lot of defensive upside. A star like potential. Our L to Philly was just brutal. I mean maybe he doesnt fall but the math dictates he might.

I really believe Josh Jackson Fult Ball go 1-2-3 so you have to get to 7 without Tatum being picked --3 players before him. I think Orlando could go PG at 5 Minny might be the team that takes Issacs(but I doubt it) and the Sixers will go guard(I think)

I agree the more a follow up on Tatum the more I see his potential.

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4/21/2017  10:49 AM
WaltLongmire wrote:
BRIGGS wrote:
Uptown wrote:Love both Hart and Brunson....I'm a big Big East fan and I've seen both Nova stars over a dozen times...i would definitely snatch Hart with our 44th pick. He's a high IQ player, a ball mover, great teammate (former eagle scout),and will do a little bit of everything for you on the court.

Brunson is really good aswell, but i think might be available as a RFA or at the very end of the 2nd round so may be abl to buy a pick to snatch him.

I have to disagree with the Isaiah Thomas comparison. Thomas is a quick, scoring lead guard...Brunson is more of a pure pg. He's also 6'2 and about 190, is very strong and uses angles very well....Brunson reminds me a little of Andre Miller....

Uptown--Isiiah Thomas isnt super quick--heres video of him at Cal. Hes just incredibly strong has complete command of his dribble and is unbelievable at using his body control and angles. Actually this video shows how good of a pure PG he could be--hes got excellent vision. But in temr sof lightning fast--no. He plays at his pace and it is not like a John Wall Ish Smith etc..

Here is another Brunson video--the 12 minute was is great but this one is good too. Hes just as fast and crafty as Thomas but hes 6-2 not 5-9 Thomas went 60th in the draft--this guy should easily be a early 2nd rounder--and hes got 1st rd talent--no doubt in my mind

Getting Brunson on the Knicks along with Hart--Id take Brunson first would be the savviest dam move by the Knicks.

Can someone call Phil Jackson and tell him to promise and acquire Jalen Brunson--is there a bat phone or something we can call?

Sounds like he heard that the Knicks' fans wanted him and could not imagine it...he has decided to stay in college.


Thanks, Briggs

How happy is Villanova. Thats how you won championships recruit retain. It will be interesting if he goes over 20 a game. Having a PG around 15-16 pts seems best. Wouldve easily given up a pick 20-30 for him.

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4/24/2017  11:22 AM
BRIGGS wrote:Pick #7 Jason Tatum John Collins Frank Nikitinia

Pick #44 Jalen Brunson Josh Hart Semi Ojeleye

Pick #57 Derrick White Tyler Dorsey DEonte Burton

Just slight changes. Moving Frank Jacsjon to my number 1 2 dnround pick--and be willing to go higher into the low 1st round to get him type. removing Brunson.

pick #7 Jason Tatum Daaron Fox John Collins

pick #44 Frank Jackson Josh Hart Semi Ojeyle

pick 57 Derrick White Tyler Dorsey Deonte Burton

Here's my draft

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