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Melo "Ready to Move On"...back page fodder but some interesting quotes...
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3/20/2017  7:17 PM
I guess beat writers have nothing much to write about so are dredging up back-page selling news. But there are some interesting quotes in here...hmmmm

Though he’s been on the outs with Jackson, Anthony wouldn’t say he’s bitter at the team’s collapse.

“I don’t think it’s angry,’’ Anthony said. “It would take a lot for me to say ‘angry.’ It makes you want to think about what’s next, what could be next, thinking about those situations. I always think about times I’ve had in the postseason. The games and experiences I’ve had. I think about that all the time.’’

Anthony said Paul’s Clippers “have the pieces to make a little run,’’ but he’s not envious of his friend. LeBron James is also in town, facing the Lakers, but the trio didn’t “meet up and talk like we wanted to talk — about the weather.’’

Asked if he’s envious of his buddies, Anthony said: “Not even that. More for me and the competitor I am, I want to be there. I pride myself on that.’’

Patience with the rebuild, keep all the picks, no starphucks, and team-first attitude. Marinate a couple years and we're playing like the '72 team. Championship here we come!
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3/20/2017  7:42 PM
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Melo "Ready to Move On"...back page fodder but some interesting quotes...

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