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One guy caught my eye yesterday Deonte Burton from Iowa State
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3/19/2017  12:13 PM
He reminded me a lot of Anthony Mason. He could handle the ball like a guard at 6-5- 250 yet guard inside and out. Hes got excellent length and athletic ability--also a lefty like Mason. A guy who might be a better NBA player than college. Has the body skills athletic ability attitude and talent. hes a mismatch night mare

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3/19/2017  6:30 PM
At 6'4" 250 he's a risk. Nice shooting touch and a lefty ... I like him. He better play great D
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3/19/2017  7:13 PM
He seems more agile and better range than Mason. Reminds me of Barkley with his size, stature, handles, and shooting.
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3/19/2017  8:58 PM
If he was 2" taller he would be a lotto pick
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3/19/2017  9:20 PM
Nice find maybe a small version of Rodney Rodgers. I can see him have defensive issues at SG and height issues at sf.
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3/20/2017  12:05 AM
Sometimes when I see a guy like this and I thought Tyler Dorsey was impressive from Oregon as well-- I'm not looking for every guy to be a star-- I'm also looking for a Robert horry type. A guy who has certain intangible that helps teams become Great. They aren't the stars but they are the cohesion and chemistry guys that help make a great team
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3/20/2017  12:22 AM
Streak player, will be able to help in bursts, but you'll need more consistency from a bench guy to crack the rotation.

Older, so should be dominant to raise interest, but is not lighting people up consistently, but likely he's hit his ceiling and he's shaping out to be a tweener profile.

Would likely struggle to stay on the court in the NBA, things he can get away with at the college game, esp defensively, won't translate here. Would either foul out fast or be used strictly as a bench hammer ( like Byron Houston ) to maximize his six hard fouls.

Burton doesn't do any one particular thing well, which will hurt him. As a bench guy in an NBA rotation, he's gotta have some kind of calling card that he can do consistently at the NBA level. Don't get me wrong, hard working player, tough, fought for everything he had, gives everything he has, but the things he can take advantage of right now ( most of the college game is simply inferior competition to Quad A types and NBA caliber guys) will disappear in the pros.

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One guy caught my eye yesterday Deonte Burton from Iowa State

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