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1/10/2017  3:42 PM
Die hard knicks fan...literally, heart attacks, high blood pressure, mood swings a few broken remotes, finally a place to vent.
⏳It will be better once Dolan is gone!!!🚨
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1/10/2017  11:34 PM
Welcome, I am also new to the board. Nice to find a place to vent, as we all know Knick fans need it.
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1/11/2017  12:25 AM
Welcome aboard, guys
¿ △ ?
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3/1/2017  1:22 PM
Try playing more than watching. Might help your health issues. Or not. My frickin knees are killing me.
You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet?
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3/1/2017  1:53 PM
welcome fellas.
fishmike - Making UltimateKnicks great again
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3/1/2017  2:35 PM
Hello new people, hope you get what you need from these boards!
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3/1/2017  2:37 PM
smackeddog wrote:Hello new people, hope you get what you need from these boards!

you can get Xanax here?

fishmike said: Yes. Sometimes I confuse the alerts with when your mom calls. BTW she said defensive guards are really important.
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3/1/2017  3:39 PM
Welcome and sorry you have to share in the misery
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3/1/2017  6:23 PM
Wash your hands after leaving the forum. You don't want this filth infecting your loved ones at home
You know why I'm here....
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3/1/2017  7:56 PM
Welcome! I think I'm gonna give this site a chance as well.
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3/1/2017  8:45 PM
Go Knicks
Or for those who want to tank go opponents ????
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3/1/2017  10:57 PM
Welcome. What took you so long?
Everything in moderation. Even moderation.
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3/2/2017  12:50 AM
welcome....great place to vent. Regardless what u might think at first, everybody are die hard fans.
Q: What is the difference between a Knicks fan and a baby? A: The baby will stop whining after awhile.
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3/2/2017  12:53 AM
welcome, here is a great place where I have to visit every day. Share the happiness, share the sorrow.
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