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Camby's new challenge
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8/7/2001  12:15 PM
Speaking for myself, I'm not as concerned that he may have lost an inch or two on his vertical or if lost some of his quickness. He still by far is one of, if not, the quickest and highest jumping center in the league. I'm more cocerned with his touch. Camby was starting to develop a nice mid range shot(no matter how unorthodoxed it may have appeared) during last season. We have all heard the term "Shooters Touch". Developing the touch is difficult. It takes a lot of time. Camby has been used too shooting with his slender frame his entire life. Now he has physically made changes, but is he mentally prepared. Shooting a basketball takes physical and mental ability. Shaq is a perfect example. He has developed the soft touch that a big man requires. And he can take those soft touch shots and make them when he is thinking quickly. Mentally he is prepared. It is on the free throw line where he begins to think too much! He loses his ability to soften his shot. He throws almost a line drive shot. This is a key element to playing with your back to the basket. Camby's new found weight will not hinder his ability dunk inside and yes it will help him finish after being fouled. Its that jump shot and his free throw ability that I hope is not affected. His free throw percentagee was up last year lets not forget! All the same though I like the fact that he has put on the weight. And who knows, we mave nothing to worry about, I'm sure he has been working on his game the whole time, so maybe he has already made the adjustments.
Camby's new challenge

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