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Lead ..foreign CNN F.Zakaria calls D.Trump 'Bull_%$hit Artist
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8/2/2016  12:09 PM
I love this stuff, you can't make it up.

No.one much likes both RNC or DNC
... but ya know what? The world , including the USA
Disdain Donald Trump more!

The businessman Trump opens mouth and insert foot.

Do go vote, wherever your heart lies it is your
Right, respected.

We are ALL us citizens...put all feelings aside on
Imperfections of both GOP RNC and DNC

As a former DoD past worker employee of military, 17yrs
And bests interests of usa milit. Organizations and
Security.. this election times is NO joke.thus this time.

Keep in mind the present & future... if usa for
Your families and children for those whom.has kids.

*later, Amen
Brothers and sisters.

Turntable Musiclover & Mix-Master-ologist
Lead ..foreign CNN F.Zakaria calls D.Trump 'Bull_%$hit Artist

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