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is it possible to search on forum for topics ?
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6/15/2016  3:03 PM
is it possible to search on forum for topics ?
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7/4/2016  10:31 PM
Yes just look through every single page until you find what you're looking for- comes in handy when it feels right to remind readers of a good or poor prediction- Totally worth your time.
Search Engine? What is this, Thomas the Train? No way---- looking through every page is better and bonds you to more posters.
I'm sort of 3rd assistant moderator here- Right, Mandrew?
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7/7/2016  10:10 AM
Gudris, pay no attention to the 93BUICK behind the curtain; he's a musician type with no sense of internet etiquette. Here's a link to a post in another forum on this fabulous UK site about the same question: (don't expect much more support on searching the threads than this thread; martin and Andrew are very busy men.)


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is it possible to search on forum for topics ?

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