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Heat Held To 56 Points...OUCH!
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12/19/2001  8:19 AM

MIAMI (AP) -- A surprisingly bad season took an embarrassing turn for the worse Tuesday night for the Miami Heat.
We suck.
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12/19/2001  10:58 AM
I'd rather have it thatthe heat would do better and get into the playoffs with a first round out scenario for a long time to come. They will probably get the first pick if this continues...

Actually their team isn't that bad, it just doesn't gel and shots don't fall. Oh and mourning, well he isn't his old self.
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12/19/2001  2:45 PM
I believe Brian Grant and Eddie Jones are also getting $100 million contracts, I think it might be $99 million, but even so, at least Houston isn't the least productive $90+ million dollar man, he's playing well, his shot looks real good.
Heat Held To 56 Points...OUCH!

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