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oh wow diamond stone and the queen of nudes
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4/12/2016  10:11 PM
seems he got caught up with a woman who calls herself queen of nudes
now she hoping for kid by him
messed up indeed
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4/12/2016  10:19 PM
oops 18 yr old kid made a mistake. lets hope its not a "permanent" one.

bottom line is if he can play he can play

Knicks should be improved: win about 40 games and maybe sneak into the playoffs. Melo, Rose and even Noah will have some nice moments however this team should be about PORZINGUS. the sooner they make him the primary player, the better
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4/13/2016  7:02 AM
When do we, as a society, begin to address the "epidemic of gold-digging whores" out there in the world?

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4/13/2016  9:30 AM
Maybe when "we" as a society, start to address the idea that maybe we aren't just a subset of animal planet?

It's very simple; you can't keep your wick dry, you end up in court sooner rather than later.

Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
oh wow diamond stone and the queen of nudes

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