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OT Anyone watchin Yanks/Bo Sox?
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7/25/2004  11:26 PM
Callin Jeter out was some serious bull ...they let it slide in the first inning when the same exact thing happened to Damon. Should be a one run game.

...It's hard not to get involved in these sorta games.
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7/26/2004  12:18 AM
I agree! Man, that would've changed the game so much! One out with Sheffield coming to bat. But what a great Grand Slam from Matsui in such a stage?! Yeahh!

The responsible for this loss is none other than the pathetic Contreras. He is afraid of batters! Does he knows that he is a pitcher? I wonder what will happen with him after this game. This was a very important game for him and he proved that he can't beat the Red Sox.

I understand you, its really such a great rivalry! Even if you don't like baseball, this rivalry is one to watch.
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7/26/2004  8:31 AM
contreras will pitch lights out against crappy teams, but folds up like a tent against a good team like the Red Sox...he could have AT LEAST beaned somebody!

& i agree, that call was total BS on Jeter...that changed the entire complexion of the game...you would have had 1st & 3rd w/1 out & Sheffield coming to bat w/the score 9-7, rather than 9-6 w/2 outs & runners on 2nd & 3rd...typical Boston home call right there.
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OT Anyone watchin Yanks/Bo Sox?

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