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Will camby's new body hurt him????
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8/7/2001  2:16 AM
the last couple of years marcus camby has been effective by using his explosivness and great verticle. By adding 20-25 pounds, camby will be harder to push off the block, but will he still be able to jump the way he used to??? Imagine urself adding 20-25 pounds extra.... even though it is muscle you would still lose some quickness, explosivness, and inches off ur vertical. Is this the year marcus finally becomes and allstar or takes a step back????
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8/7/2001  9:05 AM
Good point killacross. We saw the upper body work that Camby did. I wonder if he really put on some muscle in his legs as well. Thats what would really help him out. Most of his injuries have been back and leg related.

One thing to look forward to is Camby being a stronger finisher. With the upper bodu strength he will be able to take a foul and still convert.
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8/7/2001  5:42 PM
He stated in the nytimes article that he did not loose any quickness or agility. With this years' strength and last years' speed, i think we've finally found ourselves another all-star.
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8/8/2001  12:35 PM
now if only camby would add a consistent 15 foot, face the basket jumpshot, he would definitely be an all-star shoe-in.
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8/8/2001  12:49 PM
already in the works, cambys been working on his dribble and j in addition to his workouts
Will camby's new body hurt him????

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