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NBA's Minor League
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12/12/2001  9:30 PM
For the NBA's minor league system, how does it work? Players who don't make it can play there and then teams just sign them? And if they have a minor league, how come they don't add an age limit, it would be so nice to have an NBA Draft with players picked based on talent, not potential. And players coming into the league who made quick impacts.
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12/13/2001  12:27 AM
I believe they had a draft for the NBA Developmental league.
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12/13/2001  3:47 PM
Posted by BigSm00th:

For the NBA's minor league system, how does it work?

Ok, I have limited knowledge concerning the NBDL, but I'll share it with you anyways. The league is basically for the guys that have been passed up by the teams in the NBA. The minimum player age is 20. None of the teams are actually connected to any specific NBA teams, but all of the NBDL players are eligible for the NBA if they are wanted. Hall of famers Alex English and Nate Archibald are coaching in the NBDL. The Nuggets recently signed up forward Chris Anderson...and with Issel on his way out pretty soon, they may be looking to call up one of the development league's coaches too!
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NBA's Minor League

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