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Spree Wants to play the 2
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8/6/2001  1:19 PM
The NY Times site was down for a good part of the day yesterday, but did anyone catch Camby's remarks regarding Spree wanting to play his natural position at shooting guard?

"His biggest thing right now is that he wants to play 2. He feels that's his natural position. He feels he has to guard bigger players every night. He's getting posted up, but he doesn't say anything; he just goes out there and plays the 3. But he definitely wants to play the 2."


Sounds similar to the comments Spree made last offseason about wanting to start. This should provide some interesting internal team dynamics.
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8/6/2001  2:13 PM
Spree will play the 3 and like it. As long as he's a Knick, he will be a small forward and there's no way out of it. Offensively, he can cause a lot of problems for the defense with his quickness and athleticism. He will stay at forward no matter what his demands.
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8/6/2001  3:55 PM
knicks are jammed. houston is bein paid 100 mil, spre is the most popular knick. wut can u do
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8/6/2001  4:14 PM
The reality is that Houston can't be moved until December by rule, and realistically not until next year because of his BYC status. The only way Spree plays the 2 next year is if he gets traded.
Spree Wants to play the 2

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