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MIND BLOWING : The Great Deception: The Federal Reserve and the IRS
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4/9/2014  7:07 PM
WOW !!!!

JAMES DOLAN on Isiah : He's a good friend of mine and of the organization and I will continue to solicit his views. He will always have strong ties to me and the team.
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4/10/2014  2:34 PM
Seems like you allow yourself to be educated via these type of Videos which don't balance or debate pro vs con apects of what is right or wrong but instead have predetermined conclusions to promote the agenda.

Not everything is black or white, and the conjecture that "everything would have been fine" without a "FED" is very naive.

Your call many "Sheeples" because they are "Asleep", or really aware of the "New world order"! Your just as guilible because you don't think for yourself, you just take what is offered as fact.

There is a world of debate of the FED and has its functions also given benefits.

IN addition the validity of taxing power of the US is interesting debate but how else would you build highways, schools, police, and many basic services? Lets not discuss welfare, but many gov't benefits keep families going. Where else on earth do people not pay taxes? If not, what are the conditions of those countries?

Where Playa? Unlike you, I don't have all the aswers BTW, but where on earth do people NOT GET SCREWED?

Knicks1248: 1. Dolan should be more involved! 2. Why would any knick fan want pick 8, when that spot has a history of producing marginal NBA taken. (He prefers pick 9th instead)
MIND BLOWING : The Great Deception: The Federal Reserve and the IRS

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