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Oh god the Mets will be 0-3
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4/3/2014  3:43 PM
There has not will not be a good plan there and anything bad that can happen will.

These kids better stop throwing curve balls at 12 and start eating meat and potatoes. Guys like Nolan Ryan Tom Seaver etc... all old school guys piucthed 250+ innings every year with tremdnosuly high pitch counts and both guys pitched into their 40's.

For you youngins Nolan Ryan pitched until he was 46!!! These new guys rip their arms at 90 pitches in season 3.

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4/3/2014  4:34 PM
Yeah, it's hard for me to get to upset. I've kept my expectations low for this team the past several years and i expect that to continue the next two seasons. Sandy must've been smokin' a huge spift wen he said this team could win 90 games.
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4/4/2014  8:56 AM
the Yankees are 1-2. We have lots of money....

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You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet?
Oh god the Mets will be 0-3

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