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East Predictions
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8/4/2001  8:10 PM
My order for the top 8 playoff seeds.

1.Orlando(54-28)I'm questioning their chemistry, but the talent is there and they will have a great team.

2.New York(52-30)Some of you may disagree, but you can't underestimate them. They have all the talent in the world plus each player has improved over the summer(Camby especially.) They should have great chemisty as well.

3.Milwaukee(51-31)Will be the best in a weak conference. Will have a great season, but won't do as well in the playoffs.

4.Philadelphia(50-32)Trades really put them down on the list. Won't have nearly the season they had last year.

5.Toronto(48-34)They have improved a lot, but won't be as good as some of you think. They added Hakeem but no one knows how much he will help. I can't see him fitting their style of play let alone playing more then 50 games in the season.

6.Charlotte(45-37)They are better, but haven't improved enough. The east is a lot tougher and they won't get by the first round of the playoffs.

7.Miami(44-38)About to loose Mason and Hardaway and lost Bowen(three starters)so they definetly aren't getting any better. Without a healthy Zo they won't be a .500 team, but as is i'm still being generous.

8.Atlanta(41-41)This team has the talent and i think their good enough to make it into the playoffs.

Closely behind;

9.Indiana(40-42)Fairly talented team, but i can't see them being good enough. With Miller a year older, their team is that much worse.

10.Boston(38-44)A lot of talent, but it will take them time. Will be good someday, but right now they are just average or a little below.

Eastern Semis: Orlando, New York, Philly, Toronto.
Eastern Finals: Orlando, New York.
Eastern Champs: Undecided. I have seen Orlando play so we don't know how good there chemistry will be. They have the talent, but when your deep into the playoffs, that alone won't cut it.

Our knicks still have a chance to be the best. Thoughts?
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8/6/2001  11:10 AM
Here are my seeds:

1. Orlando - especially if Hill comes back strong. I just keep remembering Horace defend Tim Duncan in the playoffs. Solid coach, great offensive potential and a solid defense.

2. Toronto - with the emergence of Alvin Williams, a year under the belt for Mo Peterson and the addition of Hakeem, this is a strong scary team. The bench is solid too.

3. Philly - The loss of Tyron Hill will hurt this team, espicially if Gieger is out, but they still have a proven leader, a swat machine in the middle and very servicable role players.

4/5. Knicks - Outside of Camby, I can't agree that each player has impoved over the off season. And unless VanGundy comes up with a new offensive game plan, don't expect the Knicks to get far into the playoffs.

4/5. Milwaukee - Defense will be the key for this team: If Karl can convince them, they will be in 4th. They have both post up players and outside shooters. The loss of Linsey Hunter may hurt them.

6. Charlotte - If their coach can keep them in line, I see them going far into the playoffs.

7. Miami - Too many starters gone, not enough bench.

8. Indiana - This team is scary. Young and athletic with a good mix a veterans.

Knixkik, I can't believe you would think that Atlanta would move ahead of Indiana into the playoffs. They don't have a proven team and aren't they all very young? Does Atlanta even have anyone who has been into playoffs?
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8/6/2001  11:53 AM
1. Milwaukee - Finished 2nd last year, and didn't lose anyone of great importance. Eddie Robinson didn't play that big a role for the team. Gives Tim Thomas a chance to step up and get more minutes.

2. Philadelphia - Got worse in the Hill trade, but still have Iverson, Mutombo and a ton of good role players.

3. Orlando - You guys are rating them way to high at No 1. Yes they have Hill and TMac, but the Ewing-Grant front line is not scaring anyone. I think Grant was good last year because he had Shaq to back him up.

4. Toronto - Improved enough to move ahead of NY.

5. Charlotte - If they can get their big guys to do some damage against the smaller front lines in the East they should do even better than 5th. Baron can take the playoff success they had and improve on it. Zoninsh defenses will help their small backcourt.

6. NY - Alot depends on Camby. With the point guard situation remaining the same I see no higher that 6th.

7. Miami - Lost too much in Bowen, Hardaway and possibly Mase.

8. Indiana - Young and on the rise.

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8/6/2001  12:17 PM
Both of you have your respected thoughts, but i honestly can't see Philly being better then New York this year. I think the top team in the atlantic will be Orlando followed by New York. NYK IN 2002.
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