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Suggestion to Andrew, Martin, and Bip
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3/1/2014  1:58 PM
I think it would be a great feature if we can click each other user names or/and our own where we would be able to see which threads we posted on
Not that computer savy, but Thank You all for providing us with a place to vent and go through the rough times coming up again

I would like to be able to see how do some poster's contribute and talk BASKETBALL related issues vs looking to just bash/irritate other posters

Again, appreciate your website, Thank You Andrew, Martin, and Bip,

been here since about 99, but didn't make a username till the Isiah Years, and now this crap *ALL OVER AGAIN, SIGH*

Btw, I click on the Add's every now and then, does it contribute anything for funds?, Or do I have do more clicking into it or actually purchase through the links?
I google "ultimateknicks.com" with keywords if I am trying to look for specific old posts, sometimes adding the year

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4/2/2014  1:54 PM
I think having Bip in a thread title should warrant an auto-lock of the the thread.

Starting today.

Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
Suggestion to Andrew, Martin, and Bip

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