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Just Got Laid Off, Any Advice?
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2/11/2014  9:59 AM
ToddTT wrote:
IronWillGiroud wrote:
BigDaddyG wrote:
ToddTT wrote:Work out, eat well... and treat the job search itself like a job. Wake up with goals every day.

Can you tell I went through this recently? :P

Yeah, the 'freedom' of being able to start drinking at noon and watching Netflix all day gets old quick lol How log did it take you to get back on your feet?

hahahaha been there,

but you know what happens, you start that next job and you wish you enjoyed the sloppy days more

Ha... very true. Even though I had been unemployed for almost a month, as soon as I landed a job I told them I couldn't start for two weeks.

Only thing worse than working is looking for work. But it's very close.

Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
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2/14/2014  11:06 PM
It's important to set some target dates of when you will need a job. As in, if 1 month has passed, and there is no interview, you may consider getting a lower paying part-time job to pay the bills, build some connections, and let potential employers know you're a gritty, hard-working person. It may also be a good time to take a developmental class (i.e. website designing, coding, finance, etc.) to expand your skills and build your network. It is also something you can put on your resume and tell potential employers.

Good luck, and you will find something eventually.

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Just Got Laid Off, Any Advice?

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