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Woman Politcian exposes New world order Agenda 21
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1/15/2014  2:24 PM
This is the MUST WATCH & MUST SHARE video of the Australian politician Ann Bressington, as she exposes both the NWO and Agenda 21 before a packed Convention Center at the Lord Monckton Launch on February 2nd, 2013. This should perk the ears of some sleeping sheeple .

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1/15/2014  4:05 PM
Agenda 21: Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.

The last few minutes is the meat of what this was about. Basically the planet might not be able to sustain levels of population. IN the past plauges, famine, wars, and floods would naturally take care of it.

Nutjobs like Turner should not be taken as the will of most rich folks. Buffett, Gates and countless outhers donate billions of their money for true humanitarian purpose.

Maybe if we look over the 20 years since Turner made those comments and look at what is happening to china, its water and air one might want to consider that shockingly bad environemntal event to its people, or any other would require a huge scaleable response that few state and local governments could handle.

SInce Gorbachevs comments, as well as Turners we have seen the seeds of capitalism take stronger root and the communist experiment nearly gone. Socialism as an economical form is also on the decline as huge amounts of debt must be paid by both a cut of unsustainable entitlements and the privitazation of state owned facilities and when done, proceeds are used to satisfy debt. This is happening.

One thing is true, that true disaster event that would wipe out millions such as cataclismic floods, earthquake or a biological disorder could only be contained by a massive governemnt that in the colapse of the monatary system as we know it would have to maintain some order for a "Mad max" senario to be prevented. Otherwise looting and bands of self preservation would dominate the landscape and massive deaths would occur.

When you conspiracy idiots don't think things thru or take her speach without consideration she is speaking about her socialist government the rush of the conclusion you want is spread.

Agenda 21 is evil? why? Cuz its got a cool sound to it? Like "area 21?" Controlling growth is Evil? Why?

Problem with the lot of you is your not thinking, your just reading the rantings of idiots. Not everything is done to promote evil. Im not saying everything is pure and innocent either.

Agenda 21 limits growth, and if you didn't realize, I thought uncontrolled growth is how the NWO makes tons of money that you think will one day squoosh you like a bug?

Bascially you think pollution is a good thing?

One day the planet will control human population as it controlled every other population in its history. Its not a conspiracy, its Nature!

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Woman Politcian exposes New world order Agenda 21

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