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Lone Survivor
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1/13/2014  10:44 PM    LAST EDITED: 1/13/2014  10:51 PM
The **** was bananas, B!A-N-A-N-A-S. I've watched it 2.5 times since it's release and thoroughly enjoyed myself each time. It still boogles my mind how individual's can push their bodies to the brink like that. Hell, I stayed home 2 days ago because it was too cold outside; meanwhile these dudes are jumping 6000 ft off the side of a mountain and still kicking ass.

On a side, I'm a little freaked out by how many ACTUAL Navy Seals DON'T look like superheroes. It certainly makes me reconsider the types of guys that I think I could or could not take in a fistfight. I wouldn't have been intimidated by any of those guys in a standoff (except for maybe the 2002 version of Lattrell), not knowing their background of course. But four for four, I would've definitely gotten my ass kicked by each one. Like I said before, it's just freaky, especially when you stop to consider that the Joe Schmoe sitting next to you on the subway could be a ****ing ninja assassin.

Lone Survivor

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