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Philly vs Saints playoff Game
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1/5/2014  4:30 PM
Chip Kelly came up small with this game plan.

Saints had 6-7 men in the box to stop the run and played tight man to man on the receivers. Vertical routes were run on most plays. CROSSING routes were needed against that defense. Crossing routes develop quickly and separation is much easier and quicker. Foles was holding the ball waiting for separation on the slow developing vertical routes. Kelly was also caught with some unexpected zone coverages.
Why they couldn't get the ball to Deshaun Jackson still baffles my mind. They could have just thrown the ball to him in the flat one on one just to see what would have happen. They could have used pick plays to get him open, it just didn't look as if the Eagles were trying to do their best to win early on in the game.

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1/5/2014  11:54 PM
.........so what you thinking? They tanked?
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Philly vs Saints playoff Game

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