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Just an idea
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11/22/2001  4:09 PM
I don't know if it's possible, but I've seen it done on other forums -- a list showing how many members the board currently has and which of them are currently online. Also, you could have a status sum-up of each person below their name -- I don't really know how to describe this one -- ok, you could have something like "MVP" for the guy who has the most posts (I think this is Knixkik) and "starter" for those with quite a large total (such as myself) and "IR" or "towel boy" or something for the rookies of the forum, those who have under 20 posts or whatever. I don't know what you guys think about this...

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We suck.
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11/22/2001  7:09 PM
I think we talked about this awhile back and Martin and Andrew said they would look into it. I really like the idea of saying how many people are on and who they are, but the others ideas are good too. I think we should try to do them all, but thats just my opinion.
Just an idea

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