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Haha Playa Rips off Nalod
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4/21/2004  3:30 PM
Playa posted an excerpt of Nalod's message from the Briggs thread in the other board on this link:

What a clown.
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4/21/2004  3:59 PM
(moving thread)

... and let that be a lesson to everyone. We have many poster who do the same posts on multiple boards - that's cool, but when you do, just use your own. Lot's of eyes everywhere.
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4/21/2004  4:20 PM
That just made my day. - Thanks
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4/21/2004  4:24 PM
I don't think playa ever left...
He's using some other nick and pretending to contribute to this site in his usual half ass way. He just toned down his anti-Knick rhetoric in order not to be exposed under a different name.
Haha Playa Rips off Nalod

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