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Jets NFL draft
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4/21/2004  2:57 PM
To me it's a no-brainer. IF Mike Williams is in the draft at the end of the day and available, Im taking a 6-5 235 pound receiver. He really can be a combination of a TE and a Wr and would give Pennigton that huge target over the middle and the red zone with his less than powerful arm. Although he isnt a blazer, his huge frame and power combined with recise route running make him a no brainer pick

if he is not avaiable--I would trade down to see if i can pick up another pick in the 2nd round so i can draft another running back. if i trade down and get a later 1 and 2 im looking LB CB in rounds 1+3 and RB in round 2
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4/21/2004  3:30 PM
With regards to the Giants, I'm praying they take Sean Taylor, the S on Miami who cates like a WR, hits like an MLB, and covers like a CB. Too much talent to turn him down. Plus I think Gallery goes to the Raiders at 2.


Briggs, what if Williams isn't in the draft? If I'm a Jets fan I'm hoping for DeAngelo Hall, but I think he'll be gone. They should trade up and take either Hall or Winslow.
Jets NFL draft

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