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Gameday Thread: New York Knicks (32-16) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (35-17). Sunday (02/10/2013), 1:00 P.M.
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2/12/2013  8:52 AM
dk7th wrote:
Swishfm3 wrote:
dk7th wrote:
Swishfm3 wrote:
dk7th wrote:
Swishfm3 wrote:
dk7th wrote:there are some deep issues with this team when your superstar scores 42 points with 70%TS... and we get beat by 14 points... at home.

it's an interesting psychological strategy: just let melo do all the scoring he wants and don't double him and watch the offense flounder. melo had 1 assist so he took the bait... and we all saw 11 assists as a team. i can't wait to see the usage rate compared to his assist rate for this game-- i bet it's close to 4:1.

not only that there was both overdribbling and lazy passing to the tune of 16 turnovers... all attributable to allowing melo to get off on scoring. why? because when you are watching one guy you lose focus and forget to move the ball.

don't get me started on the defense. what happened after the first 10 games?

wow....you obviously did NOT watch this game. This is the problem I have with you and 3G. Ya didnt watch the game but then come in talking about why they lost.

of course i watched the game. i just see the game differently and have a different understanding of cause and effect than you and others do. ever hear of the game being 90% mental?

My bad then...your post led me to believe that you didnt see the game. I still dont agree with your assessment of the game though.

I thought Melo kept the Knicks in the match..especially in the third..and I thought he did a great job guarding both B.Griffin and L.Odom.
Knicks lost because Clippers bench outplayed the Knicks bench...and Woodson had no business going with a small lineup in this game.

i think you and other posters think wrongly about this phenomenon of melo keeping the knicks in games. everyone has been hearing for years from van gundy and jackson that it's one thing to get yours but quite another to get yours and get others theirs as well. van gundy makes a distinction between playing WITH others and playing FOR others. anyway, melo just can't do that and the result is him scoring in bunches... while the knicks lose. all it took was a 40-year-old dude with bad ankles to throw him off and kablooey. it's similar to "it's not THAT you win but HOW you win."

here's the thing with melo: he never really puts the hammer down defensively after he scores. you never see him trying to rally the team to say "now lets get a stop." it's cliche but he doesn't come across as being serious about winning by playing defense.

I take it back...I don't believe you watched yesterdays match.

did melo get guarded by one defender most of the game? and did he take what the defense gave him... while racking up a total of one assist? his usg/ast ratio was 6.1:1. do you realize how bad that is for an offense?

did the offense flounder?

I saw Melo give some nice passes to both STAT and Tyson, in the paint, only to see them both fumble and turnover the ball. Melo could have easily had 4-5 assists this game

I also saw STAT have an INCREDIBLE difficult time to trying to post up his defender....the Offense was stagnant in the third quarter, I believe...Melo was out for about 2 1/2 minutes and in that span (STAT, JR, Prigs and Novak were in) the Knicks went from being down 1 too about 8. Thats when Melo came back in and went 7 for 10.

Gameday Thread: New York Knicks (32-16) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (35-17). Sunday (02/10/2013), 1:00 P.M.

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