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Forum exercise: so-called haters list Melo's strengths; fans list his weaknesses
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2/8/2013  10:08 AM
tkf wrote:I keep hearing Denver wouldn't wait and lose him for nothing... Let me make this clear.. if carmelo said.. I am not resigning and I am going to take my chances with the new CBA and being a Free agent, there is absolutely nothing.. NOTHING.. Denver could do, except try to trade him, in which carmelo still didn't have to sign there and could have gone into free agency without any ties to any team.... simple..

Still waiting for you to backup your claims on how Sprewell's first 6 seasons were good years. Lets be honest here, you're here to talk basketball and not bait others, correct? Then explain with in depth insight.

tkf wrote:so again, why talk about his warrior days, which I would like to remind you were not bad at all

Would you care to explain and/or remind us (all) how during Spree's six seasons in Golden State, that those 6 years weren't bad at all? Please explain because when in reality, they were awful.

You'll completely ignore Golden States team success and/or lack thereof during 6 years under Sprewell, but then talk about and/or harp all over Melo's "inability" to lead during his postseason years in Denver despite the fact that Melo led Denver to the Western Conference Finals during the elite/golden years of the Western Conference. You harp all over the fact that Denver lost under Melo against the likes of dynasty era teams such as Lakers (x2) and San Antonio (x2) during first rounds, but completely ignore how much of an awful leader Sprewell was and/or how often his team(s) lost during his time in Golden State years? See below.

92-93: 32-45 (losing season).
93-94: 50-32 (first round exit).
94-95: 23-46 (losing season).
95-96: 34-44 (losing season).
96-97: 29-51 (losing season).
97-98: 1-13 (losing season/suspension).

6 seasons with an overall losing record of 169-231. 62 games below .500 during his 6 years in Golden State. Failed to make the playoffs 5/6 seasons. 1st round exit. Suspended for 68 games for assaulting his head coach. Loser.

Not bad at all? Explain with insight TKF. Ive been waiting. "Remind us" how those years weren't bad at all. I'll be waiting. And after you reply? I'm going to compare Melo's first 6 seasons when compared to Sprewell's first 6 seasons in regards to both overall stats and team success (or in Spree's case, lack thereof).

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2/8/2013  11:29 AM

The whole point is not about Melo but the hype by which he was bought in under as the savior.

The reason we argue this for two years running is its SUBJECTIVE!

You nor TKF can argue the point because its just based on opinion. SOme think Melo is hyped as the greatest ever yet his record and tenure as a nugget was mostly being one and done, was at odds with his coach, was young and immature, and one nice playoff run.

He was the 3rd pick and teams that suck get high picks. The team was awful before he was drafted, but thats how teams get better thru the draft.

If Detroit had half a brain they would have taken him 2nd over all. In another year when LEbron is not in the picture he goes no. 1.

This year he is playing his best ball of his career at age 28 and doing things he never did before.

So its a subjective arguement about his past. This year he somewhere between number 3-4-5 in the mvp discussin. Thats very impressive! Not something we can say he has done in the past!

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2/8/2013  12:41 PM
How did a strength/weaknesses exercise turn into yet another dead horse beating conversation about "the Trade"?

Melo Strengths:
Obviously better than Gallo
More marketable than a sleepy Mayor
More anything you'd care to mention than a posterized Moz!

Carmelo Kyam Anthony

Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
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2/8/2013  1:47 PM
Bonn1997 wrote:
knickscity wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
knickscity wrote:
skeng wrote:It's amazing what threads turn into - this is priceless..

But on a serious note, there's plenty of reasons to like or dislike Melo. So what if tkf doesn't like Melo for the Knicks. He's obviously still a knick fan.

At least we all have the winning to be happy about.

Really? When a poster can state they can't enjoy the team until certain players are gone, that is not a fan of the team.

You've never felt that a GM, player, or a coach would interfere with your enjoyment of the game as long as he was on the team?

Not when the team is pretty good, my opinion goes to the wayside when the team does well.

There are quite a few players in the NBA i dont like, but if they play well in Knicks uni's I will enjoy their play and the team success.

"Pretty good" is pretty vague. I remember when the Knicks were playing .600 ball under Don Nelson with Mason as our point-forward. Everyone wanted Nelson fired because we had such a "horrible" record.

When is "pretty good" vague? And back then folks still wanted Ewing to be the man, when nellie had other plans, that's why there was a fan revolt.
Forum exercise: so-called haters list Melo's strengths; fans list his weaknesses

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