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Very OT: Is lewus an attention whore?
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1/26/2013  9:41 PM
NYKMentality wrote:I can't stand LeBron as a basketball player. He's an opponent and he's great. But I've never had the same amount of fear and respect on the court for LeBron as I did for Jordan during his prime years. Jordan was pure greatness. But yea, not everything about LeBron needs to be harped all over. He's made out to be some type of evil person around here. I myself simply loved LeBron during his high school years and knew he was the next elite star. Just haven't feared LeBron in the same ways that I feared Jordan. Still an amazingly great player though.

LeBron wasn't looking for "attention". He simply wanted to celebrate with a man who hit 75K. He didn't just walk up and shake his hand or say good job, he freaking tackled the man and made him feel like he just hit a game winner during an NBA championship game. That man will never forget that night he hit a 75,000 shot followed by celebrating with LeBron James. I would have LOVED it if I hit a half court shot for 75,000 followed by Patrick Ewing tackling me to the ground and celebrating as if we just won an NBA championship.

What LeBron did last night? Was awesome.

Agree, I kept thinking what if he got hurt doing that? Could not have been for publicity

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1/26/2013  9:44 PM
There was a problem?

Looked like Joy.

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1/28/2013  11:25 AM
gunsnewing wrote:I was watching lastnight on NBATV. They said it was the money from his foundation. I don't think Lebron did anything wrong

[bait goes here]
Hmmmmm, if it was Melo doing the dry hump, would the response be the same?

Inquiring FableMarboobyhomers want to know.

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Very OT: Is lewus an attention whore?

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