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OT: Kings Sold For NBA Record $525mil
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1/11/2013  5:54 PM    LAST EDITED: 1/11/2013  5:55 PM
Does anyone truly believe this franchise was worth this much? Initially it was reported from Yahoo the deal for sale was about $500mil....Maloofs wanting minor stake in the franchise. The NBA came out with a statement for no owners or NBA execs to discuss particulars of the deal 2 days later it sells for $525mil

I honestly believe there was something more to this sale and it appears the Maloofs made out like bandits.

Dollars to Donuts Maloofs become top investors should an NBA team surface from/relocate to Las Vegas or any other Left Coast region in/near California

This wreaks more of David Stern's/Owners shadiness over inflating franchise values in efforts to raise existing ones down the road for potential sales

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1/11/2013  5:55 PM
Not so fast....buyers in Sacramento popping up with offers to keep them there.
OT: Kings Sold For NBA Record $525mil

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