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12/22/2012  12:07 AM
My feed from Italy crapped out at halftime. Couldn't be bothered to find another. Just saw 11 o'clock news report on the second half... yikes.
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12/22/2012  12:10 AM
yellowboy90 wrote:
loweyecue wrote:Is Rasheed's veteran presence rubbing off on Melo now? Leads the league in Ts?

You really don't like Sheed do you? Blame him for everything.

Dude, Sheed is one of my all time Fav players.

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12/22/2012  1:27 AM
loweyecue wrote:
yellowboy90 wrote:
loweyecue wrote:Is Rasheed's veteran presence rubbing off on Melo now? Leads the league in Ts?

You really don't like Sheed do you? Blame him for everything.

Dude, Sheed is one of my all time Fav players.

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12/22/2012  7:35 AM    LAST EDITED: 12/22/2012  7:37 AM
CrushAlot wrote:Love Woodson. Bad coaching. Not throwing anyone under the bus.

I agree. Woodson said in an interview that Felton has carte blanche to shoot all day. One of the reasons I was happy to see Felton go the last time was because he didn't know when to stop. He wasn't taking it to the rim much in this game either.

Tyson went off the deep end, I think he was frustrated being the only big man in the paint for the most part. It will be good to get Camby back for his rebounding and defense. Hopefully Sheed's stress fracture won't be bothering him all season. I hope Stat is still practicing those post moves. Still could use his jumper.

Woodson has shown the midas touch this season when it comes to substitutions but there was little in the way of adjustments in this game, substitutions or in strategy. This was a preview of what we'll be facing in the playoffs. Tough physical D, a team not intimidated by us. I was surprised that Woodson let the lead get out of hand in the first without calling a time out. Though those days were done.

Woody has done an amazing job this season but he is going to stay just a great regular season coach if he doesn't do a better job with teams that can play the Knicks style like the Bulls do. I'm sure the Heat will be playing this way as well when the playoffs come around, not to mention the Celtics.

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12/22/2012  7:59 AM
NYDiva wrote:
gunsnewing wrote:
NYDiva wrote:
gunsnewing wrote:at least he is smart enough to not blame the refs like the players and some fans watching and in the arena


oh and the media asking the question as if it was the Refs fault we were down 14-2 to start the game

They tried to bait him into saying something inflammatory towards the refs and he wasn't biting. Woody stresses the team holding themselves accountable and that includes himself. That's a lot of why I like him so much as the coach of the Knicks.

For all you people that think that Woody wasnt talking about the refs,he was using the "bad coaching" comment like a no comment. You have to look at facial expressions when an answer is given. He had a smile on his face when he said "bad coaching" numerous times. Im sure he woulda liked to get up there and rant about the refs but he calmed down and did it very professional. If I was Woody, tell the team we are gonna learn for this game,improve,go forward and win sunday.

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12/22/2012  8:22 AM
Woodson blaming himself for this loss is about right. This is the second time we face the Bulls and unlike last time, we had Melo. But se came to this game unprepared, forgot it was at home and carried on the lack of defensive intensity we've shown for the last 15 games. I love the fact we are still winning, but we aren't playing defense until its too late, and that is irresponsible and bad coaching. Felton has been all over the place and he shouldn't.CopelNd has been better at the 3 thN brewer, so why not start him? Tyson needs to get his act together going after rebounds and protecting the paint. Melo needs to show his leadership and composure in games badly refereed like this one.

But above all that, Woody needs to make sure this team plays excellent defense again. Its not like we can't, we just seem unfocused right now and that is on the coach.

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12/22/2012  9:21 AM
Camby 6'11

Amare 6'10

Sheed 6'11

We miss our big men

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12/22/2012  11:28 AM
Just caught the highlights what the heck was going on there last night? It's okay, I like how Woody took the ejection to be the good guy there, it's all about the solidarity, even in a loss like this Woody makes it work, now Knicks come back stronger
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12/22/2012  11:24 PM
Melo's second tech was rescinded by the league...

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