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Game Thread: The Return of Pringles: Knicks vs. Lakers Thursday 8PM
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12/14/2012  11:01 PM
nixluva wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:
matt wrote:
FoeDiddy wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:D'Antoni is more tense then I have ever seen him.

He got saved by the Melo injury. It would have been worse if he kept on playing

I noticed that. He didn't look this bad until the very end of his NY stint

He looked stressed after the Jazz loss but this is worse.

Most NBA coaches hate to lose. Do you know any that enjoy that? He knows that he's not under the gun in LA after such a short time and with key players not being there. It's just annoying to watch guys play lousy BB. He'll be alright once they get healthy and they have more time to work with the team. Looks like Kobe and D12 are also not doing too good health wise.

What nba coaches have guys on their staff sit behind the bench instead of on it. Bickerstaff and Jordan have so much more to offer than Mike's brother in my opinion. What message does that send having the guys that were head coaches in the league in the past not sit on the bench?
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Game Thread: The Return of Pringles: Knicks vs. Lakers Thursday 8PM

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