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GThread: Knicks and the Kittens, put on your mittens! It's cold! 7 PM (ET)
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12/6/2012  3:42 PM
gunsnewing wrote:
jrodmc wrote:thanks Anji! I was going to go with "it's clearly photoshopped"

Typical guns, trying to rile everyone up with more MSG propaganda machine conspiracy theory crap.

Seems so knicks to lie about what hand is really injured

I was waiting for you to tell us that it wasn't actually Melo in the picture, that it was the wax figure from Mdme. Tussaud's. That they're actually hiding a career-ending knee injury.

You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet?
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12/6/2012  3:49 PM
I think as long as Melo doesn't ruptured a baker's cyst in his middle finger, we are good on the season ending stuff.

*cross fingers....hope I don't ruptured my finger cyst*

"Really, all Americans want is a cold beer, warm p***y, and some place to s**t with a door on it." - Mr. Ford
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12/6/2012  4:41 PM
knickslions wrote:

I want this one,
can figure out which one eh ?

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12/6/2012  4:45 PM
GThread: Knicks and the Kittens, put on your mittens! It's cold! 7 PM (ET)

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