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OT: RIP Rick Majerus
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12/1/2012  10:18 PM
The guy was one of my favorite coaches. Many of his teams were boring to watch, but the guy had a good sense of humor and he appeared to have cared about the kids he coached.
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12/1/2012  10:22 PM
sad to hear that.. great coach and person..
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12/2/2012  3:19 AM
He did the blooper videos back in the 1980s, he'll be missed.
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12/2/2012  10:39 AM
Great coach and great personality. Will never forget how he took apart a really good Arizona Wildcat team in 1998 at the elite 8. Arizona was pegged to win the championship that year and Utah obliterated them with the triangle and 2. Yhe was the Mike Bibby, Dickerson, Miles Simon team. Utah almost won the 'chip that year and had no business being there.
OT: RIP Rick Majerus

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