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Jeremy Lin and James Harden on ESPN the Magazine Cover
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11/29/2012  3:53 PM

True or false? While with the Knicks, Jeremy did not know where Times Square was for almost four months.

HARDEN: TRUE ... Am I right?

ESPN: The correct answer is TRUE! And Times Square is arguably the most famous part of New York, and Madison Square Garden is literally nine blocks from Times Square. So Jeremy: How is this humanly possible?

LIN: Because, shoot, I did not go anywhere in New York. One time we were driving through Koreatown, and I thought Koreatown was Times Square. [Harden laughs.] Just 'cause we turned this corner and there were just lights everywhere, and I was like, Oh, is this Times Square? And [ex-Knicks big] Jared Jeffries looked at me like I was crazy. So, uh, yeah. I didn't get to explore as much as I wish I did.

ESPN: Was this a problem in Oklahoma City, James?

HARDEN: No. Not at all. I knew where everything was.

ESPN: How about Houston? You know your way around yet?

HARDEN: Not me. I've only been here for a week or two, so ...

LIN: I GPS everything. There are infinity freeways.


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11/30/2012  6:53 AM
Heh..that looks like a fun interview.

Couldn't be happier for Jeremy Lin and Harden, both deserved their chance and the Rockets are looking like a nice young team with a great future.

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Jeremy Lin and James Harden on ESPN the Magazine Cover

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