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Nash on his Suns teams never playing defense and D'Antoni admitting coaching in New York a mistake
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11/29/2012  11:47 AM    LAST EDITED: 11/29/2012  12:00 PM
playa2 wrote:
ChuckBuck wrote:This episode in they said it!

Steve Nash looking back at his Suns teams failures:

His voice gets a little deeper as he runs through the details. There's pain there.

"I do remember those things," Nash says. "But I don't look back on them. That's life. You move on. We never got to the Finals, we never were a championship team.

Steve Nash on his teams never being good at all defensively:

"We also never played with a defensive center. We were a flawed team that got pretty dang close to our potential and maybe it was never quite good enough."

He looks up at me to make sure that last part sinks in. It's not a line. It's his truth.

Mike D'Antoni admitting his whole time in New York was a mistake:

Enough time has passed now that D'Antoni can admit where he went wrong. It's not one of those plays he regrets, it's a decision.
His decision to leave.

"I shouldn't have gone to New York," he says, looking down at the sideline in Memphis, pacing on that unstable right leg.
"I should have stuck in there and battled. You don't get to coach somebody like him [Nash] too many times. It's pretty sacred and you need to take care of it. I didn't."

D'Antoni has never told Nash this.

Well, hopefully this can dispel any myths about the Suns teams being anywhere close to a decent defensive team. No defense, no rings!

And D'Antoni openly admitting he never should've left for New York, that his whole time here was a mistake...I don't know how any Knicks fan can defend that. Basically telling New York fans "Sorry bitches, came here for the money! Nothing more, nothing less".

Remember, don't kill the messenger. They said it!

Great Post ChuckBuck !

Danphoney indeed came for the money, but at the same time Knicks management used him too as a shield for their poor decisions previously made.

I never wanted him because the description of the knicks when they were winning has always been defense 1st. His hiring was inconsistent with everything veteran knicks fans believed in.

True, wrong coach at the wrong time. I truly thought having a defensive mastermind like Tom Thibadeau who had won a ring with Boston, would have a better shot at landing Lebron. At least make him think about coming to NY.

His style was truly west coast and soft. New York is hard, tough, and gritty.

I would've even took Mark Jackson, since we were "supposed to suck" for 2 years before 2010.

Nash on his Suns teams never playing defense and D'Antoni admitting coaching in New York a mistake

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