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Game Thread: Knicks take out frustration on Piston
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11/25/2012  11:20 PM    LAST EDITED: 11/25/2012  11:24 PM
mrKnickShot wrote:
misterearl wrote:Just Add Defense And Stir

mrKnickShot wrote:

Its a recipe for losing.

The recipe has us sitting at 9-3 and we still getting acquainted.


I want a playoff recipe not an MDA concoction.

This team is still setup to be a team that has to spread the floor and kill teams with the long ball just to keep teams honest. Perhaps a bit more Sheed post ups would be in order but that has to come from the coach. The thing is this team is still HIGHLY efficient offensively and tho the defense can be really great the point differential we see is coming from smart and mistake free offense.

Hollinger Stats - Offensive Efficiency

1 Miami 95.0 18.5 14.0 22.9 72.3 49.3 55.2 58.8 110.3 103.8
2 New York 93.3 16.4 10.9 22.3 74.0 47.3 52.6 55.9 109.9 101.1
3 Oklahoma Cty 95.2 17.4 15.9 24.6 73.9 51.2 52.6 58.7 108.2 100.9
4 LA Lakers 96.1 16.2 15.7 31.2 74.5 53.7 51.6 55.4 105.9 99.5
5 Memphis 95.0 16.5 13.1 31.8 70.2 51.1 48.0 53.3 105.0 99.0
6 San Antonio 95.1 18.7 14.2 22.9 72.2 48.6 52.1 55.9 104.9 100.3
7 Brooklyn 90.5 17.1 13.4 29.4 70.5 49.8 49.4 53.3 104.6 102.4
8 LA Clippers 95.2 16.5 15.9 27.8 71.4 50.9 51.5 55.8 104.3 98.4

Maybe we'll see even more attacking the basket when Amar'e gets back. I think Felton does a good job of attacking the hoop off PnR, which is designed to get high % shots going toward the basket. I don't think it's about "MDA concoctions" as much as it just made sense to use stuff this team excelled at and still does. As has been pointed out many times that style can be highly efficient and it's not the reason MDA's teams didn't win it all. This team shouldn't lose just cuz they take a lot of 3's. What is more important is that they get great shots. If the ball is moving then they end up with great shots.

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11/26/2012  12:10 AM
mrKnickShot wrote:
cooch2584 wrote:What Im concerned about is early in the game, where we get outrebounded. Tyson is the only rebounder and that worries me. I know brewer is a defensive force but he aint a sf/pf and Melo cant play pf and grab bounds and score also,he not that type of player.This is where we miss Amare. When he returns and we put out tyson,amare and melo to start the game things will look so much different worse.

Mr Knicks shot please dont edit my post without my permission or edit my post without providing valid stats to justify your editing.

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11/26/2012  12:02 PM
The Knicks needed that W after running out of steam at the end of the road trip.
Nice way to bounce back! Time to string together some more wins! Go Knicks!
Another season, and more adversity to persevere through. We will get the job done, even BETTER than last year. GO KNICKS!
Game Thread: Knicks take out frustration on Piston

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