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OT: Kobe A More Natural Fit In MDA Offense
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11/20/2012  10:52 PM
ChuckBuck wrote:MDA didn't do shyt...it's been one game dude.

Clearly you don't know ISH or else you wouldn't be talking such nonsense. MDA has coached some of these guys before plus his system is much easier to get the hang of than the Triangle or Princeton offense. Especially if your Star player already knows how to run it and is fully bought in.

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11/21/2012  10:55 AM    LAST EDITED: 11/21/2012  10:55 AM
Ehh your MDA love is getting in the way of things, D'Antoni just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Bickerstaff was running this team of allstars just fine.
OT: Kobe A More Natural Fit In MDA Offense

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