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Game Thread: New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers. 12:00 (Sunday).
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11/19/2012  12:03 PM
NYKMentality wrote:
MaTT4281 wrote:Didn't get a chance to catch it this afternoon, but just getting set to watch the replay on MSG.
Couldn't wait, had to cheat and check out the box score. Glad to see that Camby logged some minutes and no one played more than 31 minutes.

To each our own, but in my opinion, that takes away from the fun of it. Or at least some of the overall excitement; which is the unknown factor. I'm usually around 45 minutes to an hour 1/2 late in regards to watching our Knick games. Usually get off around 7:00-7:30. DVR has been a blessing over the years. I can't remember the last time that I've ever had the opportunity to watch a Knicks game, but decided to check the box score and/or already know (or have a better understanding) of what happened. I don't know, it just wouldn't feel the same. DVR 20-45 minutes is better for my nerves/heart as well. I enjoy little simple things, like going through commercials instead of having to wait what feels like 10 minutes before we're back on the court. Or pausing the game to relax, get a drink and something to eat etc, etc. But at the same time, nothing is like watching live action for the simple fact I always like to feel that I can change what's about to happen by focusing extra hard as a fan. Funny, I know. Like, when it's a live game? I'll have my lil daughter watch the rest of the game for good luck, feels like it works 9/10 times. But when it's recorded? I no longer believe that I change the hands of time aha. So yea, I understand why some would rather check the box score for a quick bang for your buck. But yea, I enjoy watching re-runs after I've seen the game, just in order to focus on different aspects but it wouldn't be much fun (for myself) knowing the final box score before watching the first time.

Absolutely takes away from it. Fortunately it takes away any stress that may come from it to - had they loss, I could bypass watching any of it and souring my night.
Had it been Celtics, Heat, Spurs, etc., I probably would have dodged scores for the night and glued myself to the tv. Granger-less Pacers for game #8 of the season? Go Knicks, but I can afford to miss it.

Man, some of these early matinees though, difficult to work into a short weekend if there's anything else to get done, especially losing daylight by 5.

"I must break you." - Kristaps Porzingis to Rocky Balboa
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11/20/2012  1:11 AM
G-Men were off on Sunday.

Loved the Matinee

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11/20/2012  10:17 AM
Stupid 98.7 FM played the stupideffingshyteazz Jets game!
You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet?
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11/20/2012  7:50 PM
I didn't get a chance to post in this thread on Sunday, but I did catch the game.

I enjoyed the win, and want the Knicks to repeat that dominant effort when we play them again after Granger returns from his injury. Those dudes need to be put on notice if they think that they have what it takes to renew the Knicks-Pacers rivalry.


Another season, and more adversity to persevere through. We will get the job done, even BETTER than last year. GO KNICKS!
Game Thread: New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers. 12:00 (Sunday).

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