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Summary of Jeremy "Gift" Lin's Pre-Season....
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11/17/2012  12:36 PM
CrushAlot wrote:I don't think anyone hates Lin. I do know that personally I get tired of hearing what colossal mistake it was not to match Houston's contract offer. There were a lot of reasons not to match the contract. The Knicks are doing great and an assessment from a small ample size would indicate the rockets overpaid for Lin.


Mike Lupica said yesterday on the radio his position on Lin was thus:
Lin played well during Linsanity, but I'm not gonna act like we let Wilt CHamberlain go to the rockets. He didn't think Lin was a star player and couldn't keep that production up over a season.

The Knicks r legit.

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11/18/2012  4:42 PM
of all the radio guys lupica is the worst. He is arrognant and disconnected
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11/18/2012  11:44 PM
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11/19/2012  5:42 AM
Not long til we face up against Lin. To be honest his constant whining about how hard he had it in New York, and his "woe-is-me" acting in interviews to gain sympathy are really starting to annoy me. Bare in mind all the families who lost their homes in NY due to Sandy, then read this BS interview from last week about the tragedy of a man who played 26 games and got tens of millions of dollars:


Including dig at Woodson:

Fame had come so fast, so without warning, it hasn't been until training camp and starting the season with Houston that Lin has finally breathed out, finally understood he had found a franchise that will let him grow, let him make his mistakes, let him be.

"It wasn't like I worried they were going to cut me," Lin said. "But it just seemed too good to be true. Like, the coach actually cared about what plays I enjoy running, or that the coach would text me on a day off to see how I was feeling. That type of stuff was too good to be true."

Lin was asked, "You had that with Mike D'Antoni, didn't you?"

"But it was so short," Lin responded.

And when Mike Woodson took over?

"It changed," Lin said. "Different style, different coach."

Poor guy- Woody never texted him asking how he was on his days off.

I never realized the pain, anguish and suffering Lin experienced when he became the most popular and loved man in NY for a month, on route to signing an over inflated $25mil contract to play a game. Oh and apparently people who said his contract was too much are doing so due to racism.

Of the open criticism on his free-agent windfall, Lin told Y! Sports: "I was a little surprised, but I wasn't shocked. I honestly feel it's part of the underlying issue of race in American society … of being an Asian-American.

Really Jeremy?

Summary of Jeremy "Gift" Lin's Pre-Season....

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