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The Other Dream Team
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8/29/2012  3:34 PM    LAST EDITED: 8/29/2012  3:35 PM
Stumbled across this. Looks cool. Sabonis is legend
Legalize di NBA
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8/29/2012  4:59 PM
gave me the chills...cool story, very uplifiting.
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10/12/2012  8:19 PM
Nice one bro!
Right from the beginning, this kid wanted to be a Knick. I'm crazy enough because I can relate: I asked to be a Knick. To ask for that you have to be a certain type of competitor.
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10/31/2012  3:04 PM    LAST EDITED: 10/31/2012  3:04 PM
sabat is a freakin beast back in his hayday.

in his prime he was better than david robinson...

The Other Dream Team

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