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Sixers, Cavs complete 5-player trade
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8/3/2001  1:14 PM
Associated Press

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded forwards Matt Harpring and Cedric Henderson and center Robert Traylor to the Philadelphia 76ers for center Tyrone Hill and forward Jumaine Jones on Friday.

The trade was just announced. Return to this file for more details as we receive them.
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8/3/2001  1:44 PM
I posted this in the NBA forum, but since it is here too...

Looks like Philly is clearing up cap space for next year. Each of the players they received either has a qualifying offer for next year, or is up after next year.
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8/3/2001  2:04 PM
this trade just doesn't make sense. Their coaching staff must have seen something in their young big men. This from a team who just made the finals?
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8/3/2001  3:46 PM
I'm glad Philly did this because it doesn't make them any better. They traded a proven starting power forward as well as another solid starter or 6th or 7th man off the bench. They brought back nothing that will help them in the starting rotation and it doesn't look like they will be nearly as good as last year.
Sixers, Cavs complete 5-player trade

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