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Who is the best Power Forward currently?

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Who is the best Power Forward currently?
Blake Griffin
Kevin Love
Dirk Nowitzki
somebody else
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2/8/2012  4:51 PM
This is a tough question, mattshaw.

Kevin Love is penetrating asses, giving business to the customers, but his team has been wack-city up until this year, and they're still just 13-12.

Pure raw balls, slam the ball? B-Griff, obviously. There does not exist a more explosive, raw balls player in the universe right now.

Dirk is Dirk, but he's clearly on the downslope of his career. He gets consideration because he's That Ninja, but it's time to turn East, where the sun rises.

Carmelo Anthony is ANTI-BASKETBALL
Who is the best Power Forward currently?

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