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Dirk vs KG
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6/13/2011  10:45 PM
How about this one to debate? Both of these are PFs that played a lot more like SFs. Dirk is a more of a scorer... KG was a bit more of a defender. Who'd you want with the ball in his hands in crunch time? No doubt Dirk. Who'd you want defending him? :)

Both MVPs.
Both have been the finals 2x.
Both have 1 ring.

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6/28/2011  11:13 AM
That's really tough. I'm gonna have to call it a tie. It's too bad no one ever posts in this forum.
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7/1/2011  5:21 PM
Both very stellar players. Imo, KG in his prime > Dirk in his prime. Dirk isn't the same two way player KG is. He just isn't. Offensively, Dirk is superior though.

And I really like Dirk btw and really dislike KG.

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7/6/2011  3:26 AM
KG because he can win while being second option. As Dirk ages he doesn't fill a stat sheet like KG which has.
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Hong Kong
7/11/2011  10:18 AM
I'd rather have KG because of his D
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8/8/2011  1:25 PM
This isnt even close.

Kevin Garnett could anchor a front court by himself and drop 20 and 10 with ease.

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8/22/2011  8:56 AM
In prime KG. KG was a polarizing talent who might have had some intangible egocentric personality that both aided in his intensity and fueled his fire but might have also worked against him in the locker room.

nod goes to KG on talent alone. His work around the basket is a tough talent to replace.

I'd compare Durant and Dirk more as they are similar offensive threats. Durant is way ahead of Dirk at the same ages. Dirk got better as he filled out and honed in his fundamentals where Durant is still very young and quick. It should be interesting to see his career.

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9/25/2011  10:53 AM
Dirk is somewhat better on offense because of his shooting range and versatility, but there is no comparison on defense. KG is WAY better. You can argue that Dirk is an average or even slightly below average defender while KG is elite at that end.
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10/26/2011  10:29 AM
KG in his prime. But right now easily Dirk
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2/8/2012  4:46 PM
Great question. I go with Dirk all day, err'day.

KG will stuff the balls on defense, but Dirk's offensive game is so unique, and was so revolutionary when he burst onto the scene, that he would penetrate the most ardent of asses, all day baby.

Dirk's game certainly caused more headaches than KG's.

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2/8/2012  6:06 PM
Right now: Dirk in crunch time, KG as a great complementary player.

In their younger years: KG better all around game, defender, leader and better player overall than Dirk.

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2/10/2012  7:18 AM
ChuckBuck wrote:Right now: Dirk in crunch time, KG as a great complementary player.

In their younger years: KG better all around game, defender, leader and better player overall than Dirk.

Being a loud prick doesn't make you a good leader. Dirk was always the better leader.

Carmelo Anthony is ANTI-BASKETBALL
Dirk vs KG

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