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The Dream
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8/2/2001  12:41 PM
Well - The East finally has a beast.. and its a Raptor.. Toronto look like a winner from here. Sorry Knicks, 6ers, and all the rest. Maybe the next Ultimate site should be the UltimateRaptors.com...
With the Dream getting a three year contract and Davis and Carter in the fold, the odds on favorite has got to be Toronto.

The Old Man of UK...
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8/3/2001  7:34 PM
They won't be as good as you think. In most cases, we'll see Vince, Alvin, Antonio, and Mo Pete leading the break with Hakeem doggin it behind. They are a fast break, uptempo team and i can't see Olajuwon being very effective in their style of play. They will be good, but i can't see them beating Orlando, Philly, Milwaukee, or the Knicks for that matter.
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8/3/2001  8:15 PM
I don't know. I didn't watch the full Raptor-Philly series, but didn't they take the 76ers to 7 games? And now they add a legit center? Now that Philly has given up a solid power forward, well, the team is not better off for it.

I do believe that the Knicks will play much better, given the off court distractions. But still, the Raptors are for real.
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The Dream

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