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draft jason williams next year?
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8/1/2001  12:42 PM
jason williams is gonna be in the draft next year right? how about we trade for that number 1 pick or whatever pick to get him next year. this is thinking a lil far into the future, but have we been any more successful thinking only about this season? and plus under jax's tutoring wed have a great pg within 2 years.
in your opinion, what would it take to get the lottery pick to get jason williams?

my guess:
our own 1st rounder, postell, o harrington

but only for a team that already has an up and coming pg, or else they wouldnt deal this pick anyway. this is very farfetched the mroe i think about it because the teams with up and coming pgs are always in teh playoff hunt, houston with steve francis, charlotte with baron davis, indiana with jamal tinnsley, sac and bibby, the list goes on. its gonna be very hard to find a team willing to part with a chance to draft jason williams.
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8/1/2001  1:48 PM
my guess:
our own 1st rounder, postell, o harrington

I'd think you would have to give up a superstar to get one...Harrington, Postell and our middle round first pick don't fit that. Plus getting a top flight point guard is a rarity these days. I doubt any teams will want to pass on him...and no team that already has a great PG is likely to end up with the #1 pick.
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8/1/2001  6:32 PM
I don't think it's gonna happen. We have screwed ourselves in too many ways to get the #1 pick. My prediction is that we draft some clown out of Indonesia as the 50th overall pick and he defect to Thailand a few months later.....

draft jason williams next year?

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