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Holy shifting member #!
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12/2/2009  12:16 PM
I used to be in the top 100. Now I'm 105.

This was my one precarious claim to fame.

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12/2/2009  1:13 PM
hmmm strange... don't think we changed member #s.
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12/2/2009  3:57 PM
I hardly think about my member number. I don't think it has changed. I can see that Martin's hasn't.
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2/28/2012  11:04 AM    LAST EDITED: 2/28/2012  11:05 AM
It's hard difficult not to number your member.
Despite evidence to the contrary.
Hopefully this clears this whole thread up, and I can go back to being overly concerned with my post count.
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Holy shifting member #!

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